Born in Bridgewater in the south-west of England, James spent his early years amongst the rolling hills of Somerset. Ending up in Bristol, (by way of Newport, South Wales), he spent every day with a pencil in his hand. Inspired by comics, movies and TV shows from the 70’s and 80’s he created his own magical worlds and characters, and at school (at the cost of a future in academia), this obsession continued. Sitting at the back of the class, he’d create comics about the teachers and pupils, which he then photocopied and sold. At the age of 16, he left school to study Graphic Design at Brunel College of Design. Here, James began to explore art beyond comics and fantasy; and when he picked up a brush loaded with oil paint, he experienced one of those rare magical moments in life. He’d found his true calling!
However, a chance meeting led to an opportunity to work at a prestigious London design agency and seduced by the big city, James followed a different path.

Now, after nearly two decades and a career at Cartoon Network, creating BAFTA-winning animated TV shows and web content, James has finally returned to his calling. Based in Worthing, West Sussex, with his wife, Nina, (of 26 years) and their three kids, James works from the studio at the back of their house. Drawing on the magnificence of life, the universe, mysticism and storytelling, his mission is to capture moments of otherworldly wonder. From romantic portraits to landscapes, to dramatic scenes, each work is an attempt to capture something that feels unique and distinctive. Using pallet knives and large brushes, James loves to use thick paint on large canvases, and as the design and animation influence merge with an expressive realism, a unique stylised reality emerges.

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